Farasha of Tokyo in Seoul!!

9/2 & 9/3
@ Dream Dance Studio (Mangwon/Hapjeong)

…fri 9/2
-Traveling Steps, Spins Hands & Arms (mini workshop)
Level: Foundation
40 00won
Farasha’s extensive ballet training has made her one of the most ethereal dancers in the bellydance world. She will break down classical spins, dynamic travelling steps, and enchanting arm work to use in classical music that makes your moves look sophisticated and sassy.
Recommended for those taking Classical Egyptian and Fan Veil.

-Classical Egyptian
60 000 won
Free your inner queen with choreography of Classical music “Ya Amarti”. Make a grand entrance with elegance and fluidity! Set the tone for your entire performance; excite your audience.

Sat 9/3
-Fan Veil
Level: Foundation
40 000 won
Farasha’s signature fan veil, inspired by water elements, will breathe new life into your silk work. Students will be using original music produced by Farasha, available for purchase at the studio or with reservation of all 4 workshops-her gift to you!

-Gypsy Fusion Skirt Dance
40 000 won
Farasha’s fiery flamenco training will add an electric edge to your performance. This is a cheerful and fun number to dance solo, in pairs, or in a group. You will learn skirt work that you can incorporate in your solo dance. Please wear a big gypsy skirt. You may also substitute the skirt with a veil.

The workshops are open to all-levels and non-studio members. There is no pre-requisite to enter.
Foundation level bellydance is for those who have a grasp of the basics. Intermediate is for those who are ready for the next level.

All 4 workshops 180 000 won with FREE gift ‘Farasha’s Veil’ CD!!

Private lessons available. 1 hour for 100 000 won (includes studio rental charge)

Email eshebellydancer@hotmail.co​m

Eshe, Navah & Mahadevi present
Nirvana Nights III “La Mer”
a non-verbal bellydance drama

more details coming soon

Farasha of Tokyo!

Saturday September 3, 2011
Seoul, South Korea


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