“Eyes of Kavita” Wings Version

0:36 choo choo shimmy in (4×8)

0:52 turn Rx8, Lx8 (x2)

chase RL,RB,LB,LF, turn Rx8

1:17 chase LF,LB, RB, RF, turn Lx2

shimmy, chest lift, wrist kiss

1:22 close arms together V to  profile stepping with R foot, open to L, Sema turn x4

rep to L and open to L arm with Sema arm

1:29 balad hip drop x4, sweep L x4, sweep Rx4, baladi hip drop faceing R

1:37 X wrists step FMBM on L foot, shimmy bring hands down to hips, wrist kiss

shimmy bring hands down again

1:44 shimmy R arm up, L arm up, choo choo full turn

1:50 body wave to Rx4, Lx4, on R to Fx4, turn back x4 face back

1:59 reach back with R, L, fall open in lotus


2:06 turn Rx8,Lx8

chase RF,RB, LB,LF turn Rx8

choo choo off


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