Omar Faruk Tekbilek – “Shashkin” (Hefner Remix) with Assaya

0:00 slow improv

0:23 RR,LL x2 change lines B to Back, A to Front

0:28 grapevine over, side, behind & turn, bump to F x2

0:32 bodywave in place raise up canex8, become one line x8

0:41 A: tip FBF back turn

hip drop x2, bike wheel x2, hip drop x2 on 2nd drop to floor

shoulder rollx2, shoulder lift, drop, shoulder shimmy turn x4

B: tip F turn back 3-7, step together on8

1/4 turns hit hip RR,LL,RR,LL x2

0:56 all step R,L,R,L hit RR cross Rover L

Bs to F, As to Back

1:00 push cane out, in, crossover, up, down to shoulders behind head, crossover to F

1:05 chest circle x3 crossover with R hip to (Back for Bs, Front for As)

Hip bump x6 crossover to B

1:14 3/4 shimmy FMBM to B, to F with 8 arms

shoulder shimmy turn x8

1:24 saiidi knee up in back, up in front, twist ankle side, front,  step back & turn

(Bs face B, As face F) to village girl arms

slow mya x1, fast x2

grapevine going R 8×2 last 7,8 turn to face in

reverse mya on L hip still travelling R, on 7,8 full regular mya

circle step on 78 circle face F

1:52 twirl 8×2, drop on 2nd 8

twirl to shoulder on 4, to floor on , walk under 78

2:05 solo 1, 2, 3 (8 counts)

2:19 suheir downs turn to F, mya down

shoulder shimmy p, turn to face each other/center

2:29 hip hit x2 crossover, rep

2:33 assaya hit x4(1&2 set up) balance cane push hips to R and step

turn back out (everyone else) hip hit x2 crossovers & get rid of canes

2:57 turn and touch to side on 4 (x2)

circle step profile (1 hand elbow, 1 ear)

A to F, B in place

3:11 jewel, turn to back

3:15 rande jambe open 1 arm, reverse back arm up, body wave, drop x2

3:20 baladi hip drop box step to F

1/2 snake, hair pat, reach, both hands to back L hip & look down

shimmy lift F arm to F, b arm to B

bump to one line (8)

F arm to forehead to make window

3:43 FMBM with mya, reverse, bodywave, bikewheel FFBB

walk x2, knee up down,  turn A-F, B-B

3:56 call & answer

4:50 together

pose R, L open



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