“Eyes of Kavita” front line

0:00 free style
0:36 walk x2, crossover hit RL shimmy
0:40 jump x feet, eight, jump x feet hit RL
0:44 baladi hip drop to F walk x2 crossover
0:481/4 turn hits RR LL RR LL to face B
0:52 FMBM to F, FM downs RL
0:56 omi pull in on 4, pull in on 4 on F
1:00 RRLL RL crossover low X wrist to F
1:04 shimmy bring hands up through the front of body
1:07 hair down, hair up FR FL
1:10 turn R x8
1:14 hair down, hair up FL, FR
1:18 turn L x4 shimmy chest lift, wrist kiss
(same as wings until 1:37)
1:37 overhead sweep mya L R crossover to face B
1:40 shimmy bring hands down
1:44 shimmy L arm up, R arm up
shoulder shimmy back bend
1:50 L arm to the L with bodywave face B, to the L bodywave face F
to the front (with wing girls) turn x4
1:57 chase (4×8)
2×8 to get behind wings and make 1 line
2×8 through center wings to make V
2:12 rumba step back with shoulder shimmy turn on 4th
rep on other foot, turn to profile
2:29 diagonal arms shimmy with body wave x3 drop hip x2
rep to other side
2:36 saiidi hip drop x2 change other side
rep and turn to F
2:44 3/4 shimmy walk 1/4 turn on 78 to L
reach chase x2 turn
2:51 swish hands turn with choo choo, rep other side
2:59 1,2,3and4 hips down, reverse, chest pop 78
chest, body wave, hip downs
3:06 turn and touch on 4 x3
L hand out, R hand out
shimmy and bring arms down & look up


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