Asia Raqs International Bellydance Festival -WORKSHOPS

All workshops at Dream Dance Studio – Mangwon.
English/한국어/日本語 translation.
Open-level workshops.

Khaleegy with Eshe
Learn a fun, flirty, folkloric dance from the Persian Gulf region. Add a new style to your repertoire with this cute choreography!

Orientale with Farasha

Choreography to Oriental routine “Tamiil”, music by Mario Kirlis. Excite your audience with this dynamic and elegant dance!
Farasha will share Egyptian style technique with a bit of ballet&jazzy spice for a powerful and emotional impact.
Learn clean and useful Egyptian style that you can apply to your own dance, and enhance you fluidity and grace.
This dance is sure to make you shine like a star on stage, an unforgettable moment for the audience!

Skirt Work Flamenco Fusion with Yildiz
Please bring a skirt or veil.

1 workshops 60 000 won
2 workshops 100 000 won
3 workshops 150 000 won


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