Eshe 에쉐


Eshe arrived in Korea in December 2007. Since then she’s been profiled in magazines like VOGUE and Harper’s Bazaar and appeared on numerous TV shows. She has performed for thousands at large outdoor international film, music and culture festivals. In addition to her native Canada and Korea, Eshe has performed in Tukey, Bali, Australia and Japan.

Eshe began bellydancing in 2002 and has studied intensively in Cairo, Egypt and Istanbul, Turkey.

Eshe is the owner and creative director of Dream Dance Studio in Seoul, Mangwon. She has been a guest instructor at Seoul National University and guest hosted health and wellness segments on TBS Radio.
In 2010 she was cast in Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution and voted “People’s Choice.” The same year she
opened “Dream Dance Studio.” In 2012 she founded “Asia Raqs International Bellydance Festival.”

Eshe directs bellydance troupe Navah and professional troupe Sultana. In 2012 Sultana won the bronze medal at Tokyo International Bellydance Competition.

Hyein 혜인



Hyein is a Korean bellydancer with over 60 performances under her hip belt including international festivals like Korea Experimental Arts Festival and the Bucheon Experimental Arts Festival. She’s a bronze medalist from the 2012 Tokyo International Bellydance Competition in the Oriental Ensemble category. She’s done numerous solo bellydance appearances at “Navah Night” at Hongdae’s Creative I Bar and has collaborated live with Ken Matsuo, Gwangil Bae, Band Apollo 18, Romantiqua, Toyshop, Momguamaum, Pavlov and Hellivision.

Colleen 콜린



Colleen began dancing as a child and has studied a variety of styles. After high school she danced and toured with respected ballet and contemporary dance companies like Bodiography New York, Ballet Box and Visions Contemporary Dance.
Colleen began studying bellydance in her home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has taken classes and workshops in the US, Canada, France, Bali and Korea. Colleen has appeared as a soloist or in collaboration with other dancers and artist in over 150 events throughout Korea. She has performed in large festivals like the Korea Experimental Arts Festival and the Bucheon Experimental Arts Festival, and has shared a stage with respected bellydance artists like Bozenka of Cuba and Farasha Tokyo. In 2012, Colleen won the bronze medal at the Tokyo International Bellydance Festival.
Colleen believes that artistic expression is a powerful means to help us move toward healing and wellness. On the artistic plane we are all able to connect with compassion for ourselves and others. We are able to express what is hidden, and give life and release to our shadows and joys. Colleen believes in using creative expression to better ourselves and the lives of others.


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